Bahrain Students’ Innovation Congress (BSIC)

Bahrain Students’ Innovation Congress (BSIC) is organized in association with Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to spread the concept of the method of science among children by adopting the principle of “Learning through Doing”.

Science India Forum – Bahrain takes pride in announcing the research theme for Bahrain Student’s Innovation Congress (BSIC) – Student Scientist’s Research Program for the year 2018:

Main theme:

Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) For a Clean, Green & Healthy Nation.

Sub Themes:

  • Ecosystem & Ecosystem Services.
  • Health, Hygiene & Sanitation.
  • Waste to Wealth.
  • Society, Culture & Livelihoods.
  • Traditional Knowledge System (TKS).

Schools following Indian syllabus in Bahrain can send a maximum of FOUR teams/projects – 2 each from the 2 categories shown below.

Age as of 31st December 2018.

Junior Category – Lower Group: 10 years to less than 14 years
Senior Category – Upper Group: 14 years to less than 17 years

Important Dates
Research Abstract Submission - 10th November, 2018

A group of children not exceeding TWO, can form a team and carry out the research project with the help of school teachers, coordinators of school science clubs, experts/activists of science based voluntary organizations, research institutes etc. as Project Guides. (Project Guides should not have any blood relation with the project team members).

General evaluation criteria for the projects are originality of the idea and concept, relevance of the project to the theme, scientific understanding of the issue, data collection, analysis, experimentation/scientific study/validation, interpretation and problem solving attempt, team work, log book presentation and project display in exhibition booths, innovation and scope for improvement.

The completed research projects will be exhibited and evaluated during Bahrain Student’s Innovation Congress (BSIC)-2018 scheduled to be held in Bahrain during September 2018. Selected projects will undergo screening by a panel of eminent judges and will be submitted to Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, for consideration as entries for the participation in the National Children Science Congress.

There will be no fee for participation in this program. Team Leader of winning team should be willing to travel to India to participate @ National Children’s Science Congress (5 days event).

The exercise of project activities, as thumb rule, encourages the children to explore, think, serve, wonder and is capable to imbibe the temperament / quality / skill of the children like Observation, Making measurement, Making comparison and contrasts, Classification, Estimation, Prediction, Interpretation, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Drawing conclusion and Cooperative skills.

Interested students may contact your respective school’s science department for more information about the selection.

Please refer to the Activity Guide Book with detailed terms and conditions, research theme description, sample project report and the team entry excel sheet.

Important Note:

Project Guides and Science Coordinators to encourage children to take up topics which gives enough scope for simple experimentation and surveys. In BSIC all your assessments/conclusions should be backed up by data and observations generated ideally from a combination of experiments and surveys. 

Please invest your energy in this aspect.  Also please make sure that the project doesn’t depend too much on surveys alone.

NCSC detailed activity guide should be only taken as a reference for Theme and Sub theme details.

Team selection is done exclusively through schools. : Interested students are requested to download the research activity guide with detailed terms and conditions, research theme description, a sample project report etc. for their reference from our website by clicking the below links.

1.  BSIC Orientation

2.  NCSC Activity Guide – 2018

3.  Sample-Research-Project-report

4.  NCSC 2018 Project Abstract Format


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